Bismuth Ferret

Bismuth Ferret

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Bismuth is a Metal which is 8x  rarer than Silver, and twice as abundant as Gold in the Earth. It naturally crystallizes after being heated and forms beautiful and unique structures which resemble ancient ruins. The colors are a natural result of oxidation, which reflects light back at different wavelengths, creating a rainbow of colors. Very few people know how to work with this material to craft statues and carvings, making the pieces themselves all the rarer. These pieces are highly valuable, collectible, and make one-of-a-kind gifts! 

Additional phenomenal facts about Bismuth include that it is an ancient metal. It was one of the first 10 metals discovered on Earth. It is no. 83 on the periodic table. It was also used by the ancient Incan smiths of Machu Picchu in their daggers, and the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans in various forms. 

Energetically, many say that Bismuth is a powerful tool for transformation and positive change in our lives. It helps cleanse and purify, removing blockages from our path. It assists us in overcoming obstacles and challenges, and lends confidence, wisdom and endurance during trying times. Bismuth is a natural harmonizer for relationships and groups, lending focus and clarity. A grounding and calming tool, it’s also effective for lessening anxiety and depression. Many suggest Bismuth for relieving feelings of isolation and loneliness and easing anxiety. It’s a tool for strength and support! 

Gift yourself or a loved one a rare, unforgettable piece that will last a lifetime! 

✵ Clears & Aligns All Chakras! 

✵ For Transformation & Change 

✵ Helps Overcome Obstacles 

✵ Invites Blessings & Opportunity 

✵ Harmonizes Relationships 

You will receive (1) Bismuth Ferret.



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