Here at Earthsong, we strive to meet all of your natural supply and spiritual healing needs. Carrying the most stunning quality crystals, handmade candles, jewelry, oils, and more! We also offer Reiki, Energy Sessions and Readings to assist you with any and all shifts or awakenings you're currently transitioning through. We understand that each phase of our lives and growth come with unique challenges and new awareness. We are honored to be a part of your journey.

Earthsong was founded by Jennifer King, a lifelong practitioner, healer, and teacher. After a lifetime of aligning with higher wisdom and seeking spiritual truth, she now aims to help others find their truest, purest expression of self. A Reiki Master, alchemist, and gifted intuitive, she has guided countless souls through major life changes - helping them reclaim their power and shape their reality into one filled with bliss. Through Energy Work, Reiki, Readings, and one-on-one sessions, Jennifer fills the role of Healer and Guide, assisting others in aligning with their path. The tools and services offered here are extensions of her purpose to nurture and heal, while leading others back to their Divine light.

If you have any questions about the services we offer, please reach out.
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